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Medical tourism in Iran According to the definition of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), medical tourism (medical tourism in Iran or health tourism) includes the use of services that promote healing or promote health and improve a person’s spirituality by using medical treatment, mineral water or weather outside the person’s place of residence. On this basis, it is possible to credit the medical tourism as a new branch of the tourism industry, which found its way to Iran during the globalization of health and medicine, and it applies to all travel for the purpose of promoting health.


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  • Online consultations before the departure of travelers until the time they return to their countries and our consultation after treatment
  • Help in choosing the best types of treatment in Iran and the best hospitals and treatment centers in Iran and my experienced doctors
  • Airport services including CIP reception and passport services and CIP ceremonial services if the traveler wishes to do so.
  • Provide travel insurance for medical treatment if necessary

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